Feature Chrome Lite Pages will help in speeding up sites that use the HTTPS protocol


One of the features of Google Chrome on the Android platform is the Data Saver. As suggests the name, this feature helps in reducing the amount of data consumed by the site which helps in downloading quickly in the same time. But the only problem is that this feature only works with websites that use the HTTP protocol instead of the HTTPS protocol is most secure which is more common these days.

However, according to Google, it has now make some changes to be able to feature the ” Data Saver ” now speed up websites that use the HTTPS protocol via the Chrome Lite Pages. According to Google, it has stated by saying : ” we can control data built Google servers to improve the download page. Dependent optimization techniques specific to the region of the user and on how the developer wrote the page specified and evaluated. When Google Chrome improved site HTTPS, is share the link just with Google, is not shared with other information such as cookies and login information and the content of the page improved with the company “.

Usually target features provide the data that users in emerging markets where internet speeds are great. However, even if you live somewhere where the internet is fast, it is not a bad experience loading web pages faster.

If these features interest you and want to get them, make sure that you have the latest version of Google Chrome on the Android platform, and also move to the settings menu to activate this feature.


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