Feature Checkout On Instagram New lets you record inside the application Instagram the same


There is no shortage in the number of people who are trying to sell their goods on the network Instagram. For example, there are many professionals in the field of fitness who are trying to sell diet programs their to follow them, as there are many companies specialized in a fashion that is trying to display its range of recent fans. It’s a platform tend to encourage users to register. For this very reason, the network Instagram recently to include shopping features in the social network, the latest feature is the Checkout on Instagram. To enable this feature users to shop the products on the application to Instagram without having to leave it.

Using Checkout on Instagram, users will be able to purchase products that they see on the product without leaving the app. Will appear the button ” Checkout on Instagram ” on the middle of the shopping center with the brand. Users can click on it to see the different options such as color and size. They can then proceed to pay the purchase price within the app.

You should only enter their name and their email address and payment information and shipping information in the first time they use this feature. As soon as the completion of the request, the Instagram that all information is securely stored in the next time that you buy something in the app. Will Instagram notifications about shipping and delivery inside the app itself.

Still feature Checkout on Instagram in the pilot phase currently, and tested with a limited number of companies, available to users in the United States of America only. Some of the brands that will be used for this feature include Burberry and Adidas, Balmain and Kylie Cosemetics and Zara and Uniqlo and other brands.


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