Feature adaptive brightness ” Adaptive Brightness ” in system Android uses machine learning technology

Google Pixel 3 XL

Use our smart phones at the time of the current sensor and the ambient light set in the front-end to our phones smart to discover the light that can be used then to adjust the level of brightness of the screen. For the most part, this mechanism works well, but in Android 9 Pie new, she showed us Google Inc how to use machine learning technology to help make this experience the best.

Now when users want to adjust the brightness of their smartphone according to their tastes and their preferences, you need to move the brightness slider manually. But with a characteristic brightness recurrent and machine learning technology, a system will be Android 9 Pie able to learn your personal preferences. According to Google, it has stated by saying : ” this means that the Android will recognize the brightness of the screen is to the user in an environment of a certain illumination. The user knows the operating system through adjust the brightness level manually, and when flowing the operating system with the passage of time, will have on the user after that perform fewer manual adjustments “.

Some might think it’s exaggerated somewhat the use of machine learning technology to make adjustments on the brightness of the screen only, but according to Google, they recognize that the screen brightness is one of the things that you have to work on their own, and that these changes in the system of Android 9 Pie is a step we must say she is a very clever idea because it means the removal of one of the tasks that it should have been handled often during your use for your smart phone from the list.

Because the feature is adaptive brightness ” Adaptive Brightness ” is part of the system Android 9 Pie, they are only available on devices Google Pixel, but the company Google is working with its manufacturers to bring this feature to more devices.



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