Faulty programming in the Networks Ericsson is causing outages for millions of smartphones

خلل برمجي في شبكات إريكسون يسبب انقطاع الاتصال عن ملايين الهواتف الذكية

Confirmed the company’s communications systems provide data Ericsson that weekend which caused a lost contact on the phones of millions of users on Thursday due to a technical bug the validity of the software products; led to the failure in the communication network companies that provide their services and therefore directly affected the services of those companies that offers its millions of users in 11 countries including Japan, the United Kingdom, where the company fixes a bug and returns the service as normal in most of the regions in the same day while the fifth-generation networks to buy O2 in Britain has been restored in the early of Friday morning.

In what was the largest services company Softbank Japanese in addition to O2, which confirmed Ericsson to problems faced by Softbank of Japan were among other companies, other communications distributed 11 states suffered the interruption of communication of the adoption by the devices were manufactured by Ericsson.

And is Ericsson’s first to fall into the trap of certificates programming expired and a temporary failure in the export of their services, they have suffered a company of Microsoft’s failures similar streaming service, Xbox Live and Azure earlier in 2013 in addition to Apple twice experience like this in the App Store App copy Mac forced its users to remove the app and re-installed again cell health within 2015.

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