Farewell to Qualcomm, the new head of Apple’s problems with iCloud: week

And hardly a week goes by without Apple someone bought, or in a Network appeared new details about the new iPhone 11, iOS 13 and other products of the company. And very rarely it happens that just a few days after the first rumors of Apple itself officially confirms them. This, as you understand that the Corporation is buying modem Intel for one billion dollars.

Why Apple bought Intel

At the end of the agreement, Apple will go right to intellectual property, equipment and assets of Intel. The iPhone maker will have at its disposal more than 17 thousand of patents for wireless technologies, and also researches in this field. Ranging from protocols for cellular standards and ending with the architecture of modems and networking equipment. In the process of absorption of modem units, Apple will join nearly 2,200 employees of Intel.

Why would Apple need this? At company a very tense relationship with its current supplier Qualcomm, because of this, it can not cope with the huge influx of orders, which will begin after the presentation of the new devices — in particular iPhone 11. A Intel has long established itself as an experienced supplier of components.

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From chip shipments (including modems) depends largely on the shortage of Apple devices in the first days of sales. Now Apple install in their smartphones LTE modems from Intel and Qualcomm, and users have repeatedly noticed that depending on the chip mobile Internet speed is slower or faster. In particular, the Intel chips are recognized more for “speed”, though not in every model of the iPhone.

And for Intel, this deal is good — the company will retain the ability to develop modems for computers, industrial equipment, Autonomous vehicles and devices “Internet of things”. This is what is called a “win-win”.

Apple increase the free space in iCloud!

The company from Cupertino should be ashamed to offer your users just 5 gigabytes in the cloud iCloud, how do you think? This space is not enough for anything. For 7 years nothing has changed, Apple users received 5 GB free in iCloud and continue to get. No matter how much you have devices from Apple and bought an iPhone you SE or fancy new iMac, you will still get 5 gigabytes.

Today 5 GB in iCloud, not even enough to make a backup of the iPhone which has a couple thousand photos or more “heavy” applications. What if they do? Where wishing to upgrade the smartphone from Apple should be doing these backups? Is it in iTunes? So Apple made it clear at WWDC 2019 that is not interested in the development of iTunes.

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And even if you want to pay for a place in iCloud, you will have no intermediate option between 200 gigabytes and the whole 2 TB. As if no one was buying 400 GB, 500 GB or 1 TB. Most interesting is that as of 2018, Apple spent less than 3 cents per storing 1 Gigabyte of your data.

Who will replace Tim cook

Over the past eight years, Tim cook has shown himself as an effective leader, under whom Apple has significantly increased its influence. But Cupertino seems to have already found his replacement.

According to Bloomberg, the main contender for the post of General Director Apple, if the current leader left it, could become head of operations Jeff Williams. The report States that today he is the second most important member of Apple after Tim cook, addressing a wide range of issues.

Who is this guy? Starting from the position of chief of the procurement division, in just six years he rose to Vice President and then assumed the post of chief operating officer of the company, reporting directly to Tim cook. Fast career growth, though!

Now that jony Ive has ceased to be the second man in the Apple, Williams will take his place. According to Apple employees, Jeff is known as a restrained and disciplined, but demanding leader. He knows how to listen to the interlocutor, regardless of his position, to encourage, if necessary, and ask the right questions. In addition, Williams is stronger involved in the development of Apple than Tim cook, holding regular meetings with designers and developers. One of the projects for the development of which he monitors personally, is the Apple Watch.

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So even if Tim cook decides to leave his post, “Apple” Corporation can not to worry.

And yet this week released the final version of iOS 12.4, watchOS 5.3 and tvOS 12.4, Apple suddenly released iOS and iOS 9.3.6 10.3.4 (the owners of the first iPad mini, you update!), while the US government is again interested in how Apple achieved success. Well, does it alone leave!

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