Famitsu confirms that a Nintendo Switch succeeded in exceeding the total sales for Wii U in Japan during the 10 months


We had told you that your new hybrid Switch is on the cusp of Understanding on the sales floor achieved by the device company’s former Aloha day in Japanese Markets, and this is what has already been achieved in the last week of the month of November according to Famitsu the Japanese, and which stated that the starter managed to sell 115 thousand devices this week, hitting its sales floor to approximately 3.4 million units in the Japanese Markets.

Switch to miss it on the total sales of the Aloha Dog day during 10 months only, and during these months I managed three games on the device from exceeding the million mark, and the game is Super Mario Odyssey, which managed to sell 1.3 million copies, and the game Splatoon 2 in total sales for the first part, where its sales reached so far to 1.75 million copies, and I don’t doubt that the file they second not only a matter of time, but the first part has managed to sell 1.66 million copies in its entirety.

The second title is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which managed to sell 1.1 million copies, and is on the way to surpass the sales achieved by the original game on the Wii day in Japan, which sold 1.356 million copies. Note that the Aloha day was not 4 games a million in Japan all his life.

New undoubtedly achieved a huge coup in the market since the release of the switch and back to success after failure amazing device.

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