Family Link.. How to talk in the phone of your child without compromising privacy?

Getting your little child on the phone, Android has become commonplace, but that doesn’t mean that it is safe, this phone gives you a number of things that could be going to use it as a small child does not live a lot, as it’s easy to waste time using the phone without supervision and without to live the seriousness of it and what that could entail. Google didn’t neglect it, they are offering application Family Link, which allows you to control the phone your child is smart.

Before sweating in the details of the app and its features you should know that the app did not move extensively in all countries of the world until now, nor will it work on any Android system, the application needs to system Android KitKat or higher on the phone that says to control, or if you are a user of Apple phones open output for iOS 9 or higher to use the app. The phone or tablet device that is controlled by the slot output to Android Nougat or higher, with the possibility of working on the marshmallow with some devices only.

And application features and advantages of the control that it affords to parents, the app lets you control which apps will be the child’s downloaded from the Google Play Store, by accepting the download, or reject it. The app also enables follow-up applications that are running, as it allows you to lock the phone in the time that you want so you can organize your time to study, or sleep.

Targeting Google directly suitable, provided tablets are intended for children and is devices Fire. The Amazon through tablet devices that are targeted at children, parents should follow them up and get the private data of applications that they are using it.

Google at the same time don’t look to don’t will in the publication of the application dramatically and fast, it also has some challenges, which they will not allow trackers apps conversation or music completely by the company itself, but on another side to provide those services that are mentioned which may increase or decrease with time.

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