Fail Apple products in history

Amounted to Apple’s 43 years of age, achieving in this period a huge success where it became the first company to be traded worth a trillion dollars in the United States as it sold more than a million smart phone, so they revolutionized the PC industry developed a system for the Macintosh, but it’s definitely got its share of major failures over time, the beginning of computers is not practical to handheld device hate him, Steve Jobs himself mocked everyone, here are some Apple products in the past four decades, which failed miserably.

Apple TV 3

Was Apple 2 the first personal computer commercially successful Apple TV after its production in 1977, having sold between 5 to 6 million machines by the time he was stopped production in 1993, while the detected version of Apple TV 3 in 1980, which is dedicated to corporate, where Steve Jobs said he wanted that the machine works more quietly, were released without any fans or a heatsink slots and replace them with a portfolio of aluminium, but the result was to cause the large heat produced by the melting of parts of the interior, and the later co-founder Steve Wozniak on the device, The company said calls and replacement of all the women that were sold of which the total number of its then 14,000 device.

It is worth mentioning that there is an updated version of the Apple TV 3 I fixed the previous problems, but the damage to the reputation of the area led to the failure of any attempt to him, what led to a halt in 1984, when Jobs said that the company lost untold sums on hardware and production lines.

Apple Lisa

Released in 1983, was the first device to receive mouse and screen symbols and images instead of lines of text only, and allowed the wearer the name of the son of the founder of Apple Steve Jobs, but it was available at a price very expensive where the total 9,995 USD, and that led to the sale of about 100,000 copies just before they stop production after a few years, and was one of the reasons for the failure of the product is also the launch of the Apple TV for the first a computer running the Macintosh in 1984, which was much cheaper and more popular, unfortunately, The failure of the product caused he got Apple approximately 2,700 copies not sold, which ended up in a landfill.

Apple Newton

Revealed the Apple TV for the device with the expectation to achieve a revolution in the world of hand-held mobile devices, where the user can write on the screen by Custom, says Newton, translating handwriting into digital text, but encountered the problem device alone, which is that the handwriting recognition didn’t work well, which often led to the blending of words as to make the device a topic of ridicule on a large scale in television programs such as series The Simpsons famous.

Recall that Jobs was fired from the company, the injection device sales of 50,000 copies in the first three months, then the jobs stop, you need to officially shortly after his return.

TV Macintosh

The back of this device also in the period of the expulsion of Steve Jobs, which was launched in 1993, was an early attempt to integrate the PC with television, where he was connecting a computer to a particular card allows the user to connect it to the antenna TV, but you can’t watch TV while using the computer, which did not achieve the success, then, in addition to that, the price was high, amounting to 2,099 USD, what made the company sells 10,000 copies, after which production ceased after more than three months only.

Source: cnbc

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