Facts about investing in startups, United Arab Emirates

The revolution of startups in the United Arab Emirates, where it appears more companies and institutions in various fields, while investors in the region new opportunities and exploit the growth of these companies by supporting them financially through a package of investments in the millions of dollars.

This turns the UAE to the environment sustainable and healthy for innovation and the breakthrough companies and competition and recruit more young people domestic and foreign.

He says venture capitalists and investors are funding more startups in the ecommerce, technology, food and beverage, transportation, along with the financial institutions that provide solutions to the electronic payments which show more of them these days.

  • The United Arab Emirates in the lead

In the Middle East related to the Arab Emirates and get foreign investment, have retained their share of the principal amounting to 70 percent of investments, followed by Saudi Arabia and Lebanon have increased by 9 per cent and 7 percent respectively, making the principality the most promising investment in the region.

These numbers are logical and natural qualities-as the UAE has worked for years to build the foundations of environment for the establishment of startups and around Dubai to financial centre, political and economic giant in the Middle East, that at the time of the ignored states of the region, this trend remained dependent on oil and remittances of workers abroad or to farming and some local industries in the development of its economy.

Got rid of the Emirates of the complexities and facilitated many operations, the establishment of startups and get necessary licenses to start any business venture, she also said the introduction of digitization to activate it.

  • The sectors most successful earned on investments

If you are wondering about the sectors that have been successful in obtaining the investments of the United Arab Emirates there is a blockbuster on supporting emerging businesses, Mr. Walid Hanna, founder and CEO of MEVP, he said to the media from Khaleej Times that the media industry and digital content in addition to financial services institutions, e-commerce and buying and selling health care service companies are the most stirring to the gaze of investors in the region.

Have companies in these areas opportunities to achieve good profit, it is like the emerging institutions of considered in the beginning on limited resources and with the expansion of service provision growth and are looking for investors and funding sources that succeed in finding her.

In general you get e-commerce companies and financial services on 11.9 percent of investments, and experienced food and beverage the largest increase by 3 per cent in the flow of investments through 2017.

Information technology companies, media institutions and owners of news content you get diversified investments and large rapidly.

  • The activity of large investment funds in the region

As there are funds investing in stocks, gold, silver, and even digital currencies are encrypted, there are investment funds in emerging companies.

Seen 2017 the continuation of the activity of investment institutions existing as well as during the current year, there tease capital investments through funds giant and New used, most notably the Startup Scene in addition to Middle East Venture Partners there are foreign players like the 500 FALCONS

There is of course the activity of individual investors who spend money through the purchase of some of the startups or the investment in the early stages.

Assures observers that it’s great that we are seeing the emergence of new investors on the regional and international levels in the yard startups, which provides the injection of capital needed in the region.

  • Major deals up to the acquisition of companies UAE

Market dot com, which was acquired by Amazon is not a startup the only one that was acquired, and remained operating at the local level without any changes to function or structure.

There is at present displayed from AWeber to buy cream worth $ 2.5 million dollars, and negotiations leaked by the media is underway, and in the case of the deal will be this page to the largest acquisition in the history of the Emerging Companies of the United Arab Emirates.

Investment sometimes does not achieve the objectives of the investment funds and holding companies, which are interested in the annexation of those successful companies fully.

In the case of acquired AWeber cream will this recent level in their operations and play the role of a branch of Uber in the region and continue to grow and compete with emerging companies, many in the field of transport, participatory.

  • The idea of the characteristic and a product is developed continuously and continuity as a result of its success

It is not easy to establish a startup, this step requires you to initiative and risk-taking faith in your dream and the fear of loss.

We don’t recommend you of course to leave your job in the company or the work that you do, but you can create a startup and hire a team and work on a specific product or service, and constantly develop it.

No rush or searching for investment from the beginning, you can count on resources, simple and provide a good product and marketing through advertising and marketing content and training in the success.

At a certain stage will become your company prominent in the area that compete it will be the investors trust the direction your company being basically stable for the period and the success of it is based on the project serious already, not like a lot of startups that are available and disappear with the first challenge or because of slowing growth.

This equation is the emerging companies in the United Arab Emirates and this is what makes them successful and a huge investment of funds and accelerators business and even foreign companies that are engaged through the processes of acquisition, full or partial companies.


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