Facts about Assistant Google Google Assistant in Arabic after its launch in Saudi Arabia

حقائق حول مساعد قوقل Google Assistant باللغة العربية بعد إطلاقه في السعودية

Allowed Google finally her assistant, smart high potential in Arabic, with the aim of expanding the spread of the norms in the Arab region and to facilitate to do a lot of tasks to users without having to make the effort or constipation with smart devices to implement commands.

Will be assistant of the company in Arabic with the advantages of understanding the dialect of Saudi Arabia in the beginning with the answer to the questions of the users with the process of the Passover, and the company will later launch the plugin in Egypt with the possibility of understanding the Egyptian dialect. It will be applied to voice assistant available to users on Android and iOS.

مساعد قوقل الذكي

Said Tarek Abdullah, head of marketing at Google Middle East and North Africa, about this saying: “the assistant personal Google on the technology and smart grids that we are developing since years. The plugin smartphone users check with Google to send the messages not in a natural way, making it easier for them accomplish their daily tasks. This is the latest of what we have created for our users-Arabic speakers, and the intelligent assistant of its performance with the passage of time thanks to the property of machine learning”.

He was assistant Google smartphone has been launched in the United States for the first time in 2016 in English and then followed by launch in various languages has contributed to delivering over a million different device, even came in Arabic after waiting for a big.

Is designed to Assistant Google to accomplish everyday tasks through the mobile phone while busy in another task, can the user talk to her to connect to like or to find information on the internet or to set the alarm and other functions similar.

Features this plugin for my sense of humour if you will, beyond the measure of his official functions and the core, can provide the type of humor I have some questions, for example, if you were to ask him “do you love me?” Would bring a clip of a song about this, and you can also request to listen to a joke of it and other fun stuff.

It is worth mentioning that this smart plugin depends on the techniques of machine learning, bringing it at an early stage of the Arabic language except that it is expected to become more efficient with time and will certainly to the rest of the Arabic dialects.

Can be given to plugin commands to do the task in a similar manner the following examples:

To connect without using hands: Ok Google, call my mom.

Send messages: Ok Google, send message to dad.

Online search: Ok Google, what is the height of Burj Khalifa?

Dates for football games: Ok Google, what time is the match club “union”is?

Prayer times: Ok Google, what time is Maghrib prayer in?

Weather condition: Ok Google, what is the state of the weather in Beirut?

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