Facilities file a lawsuit against Apple not to cause face-recognition system in his arrest

Apple Company

If one thing is difficult to dispute it in relation to the features of smart phones, it is the accuracy of face detection Face ID used in models of modern phones iPhone. Unfortunately, this precision does not apply to the system used by Apple in a case involving a series of robberies in Apple Stores, which led unfortunately to the arrest of the wrong Facilities, A 18-year-old.

It was Apple, experiencing a series of thefts at its stores. Use thief on credentials Ousmane Bah stolen, and because the credentials didn’t contain a photo ID card, the Apple Software face-recognition system in its stores to connect the face of the thief information to Ousmane Bah, which led to his arrest.

And discover the authorities that the person who committed these crimes is not the person that was arrested only after it has examined the surveillance footage. Besides the surveillance footage, he has been Ousmane Bah alibi at a speed of at least is in the presence of prom in Manhattan. As a result of all this, lifting Ousmane Bah lawsuit against Apple is now seeking compensation of $ 1 billion.

According to the complaint filed against Apple, he said Ousmane Bah, he was forced to respond to many of the wrong allegations that have affected psychologically by the pressure and tension. And yet, I didn’t know Apple over this lawsuit.

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