Facebook won’t put its system integration services master WhatsApp and Instagram during the current year

فيسبوك لن تطرح نظامها لدمج خدمات ماسنحر وواتساب وانستقرام خلال العام الحالي

Said Mark Zuckerberg vacuum the CEO of Facebook during the announcement of its financial results yesterday that they need more time to think about what the merger who intends to apply to chat services for both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and Instagram and need to see more more details about the process and its consequences, without apparently any details about the action plan which will be implemented by the company in order to apply the idea.

But at the same time has given many of the examples provided paying users desire to take advantage of the process of integrating applications, for example, the user will be able to access the property market in Facebook with access to messaging through WhatsApp built-as highlighted on the possibility to take advantage of the messenger in cooperation with Whatsapp and Instagram in a more secure way similar to the development of iMessage.

The New York Toyota had indicated last Friday to a plan to scare amounts to integrate chat services in both Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram to allow the user to communicate with any of his friends without the need for communication of the same application, it is reported that the Facebook for taking steps to standardize the working system of communications secure format encrypted (end-to-end) on all their apps in preparation for the integration.

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