Facebook will launch the iOS version of the new application Messenger the end of the year less size and faster performance

فيسبوك ستطلق نسخة iOS جديدة من تطبيق ماسنجر نهاية العام بحجم أقل وأداء أسرع

Will Application Facebook Messenger clear changes in its version of the law that will be applied by the company the end of the year as announced by its executive director during the F8 conference today, so that will be a new design especially iOS the change in which the main refrain which will become lower by 80% of the current size to be less than 30 MB, and faster performance where he won’t time a run the second you said the company has set a date to launch it the end of the year in the period close to the release version of Facebook Messenger for desktop.

Seeking Facebook through this experience re-focus on the primary goal to develop the conversation after being approached by which included games windows defense and courses a lot of the other; that would slow down the work of app and the formation of an atmosphere of chaotic users have in the interface of the application windows side. And therefore are now seeking to focus on speed in performance which is an initial and indispensable especially in the applications of daily use case.

When will the next app number of new features that allow the allocation of private spaces for family and friends as there will be a property to the user sharing videos with friends by sharing content from the home and inviting friends to watch.

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