Facebook will are other likely hiding counter of likes in your posts


In the month of July last, I started Instagram in the hiding counter of likes in the posts they want to follow you to focus on the photos and videos you share, and not on the number of likes they receive. “ It seems that Instagram has received positive feedback, and therefore may start Facebook also hide the number of likes of the posts.

This information comes to us from the expert in the field of reverse engineering Jane Wong which has detected this change in the source code for Facebook application on the Android platform.

The feature works to hide the counter of likes in a similar manner to what we saw in Instagram, the publication is the only one who can see the total likes, while others can only see the names of friends of the participants who loved the publication. According to researcher Jane Wong, they are saying that the number of times the admiration in the comments are visible, but maybe due to that the feature is still under development.

Facebook has confirmed it is considering the removal of the meter likes of publications but did not share any information about when it will be launch this feature to all users.


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