Facebook wants to become the largest VPN provider in the world

Added Facebook a new option within the lists of the application by the mobile transmitting users to apply the VPN service its Onavo Protect for payment of this service and the numbers of users of the service bought by Facebook five years ago, although the motives of the social network looks completely different from the providers VPN traditional. According to the website TechCrunch has been monitoring the option of protection in the United States on the application of any or S. this may mean that the social network is testing the waters currently in this stage with the presence of the user base is limited in the States. . Is available the application Onavo Protect on the platforms Android and iOS and offers protection from the dangers of the internet and the numerous offers of the service are hidden on the internet and data protection from dangerous Web sites and suspicious on the internet and trusted by millions of people. Aim and Facebook to improve service operation and through analysis of the use of websites and applications for the purpose of using this information to improve the products and services view, in other words, instead of maintaining your privacy, you may use the Facebook app to see what users are doing online. The inclusion of Facebook for the within the lists of the network application by the official hoisting of the numbers of users is enormous we may see the company interpreter at the throne of VPN providers in the near future.

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