Facebook violated its main building after threats of a bomb

مارك زوكربيرغ يطلب من مدراء فيسبوك استخدام هواتف أندرويد بدل آيفون

Police said Menlo Park in California that got her the threat of a bomb in a Menlo Park, which contains the main building to buy Facebook, to evacuate the building staff to look for any tools or suspicious packages to stop the potential risk to the office.

But police said that it the building appeared secure and free from any suspicion after the inspection, which was confirmed by Facebook yet, and she said that all staff members and places in the safe.

Said a spokesman for Facebook: “we work strongly with the authorities to investigate the source of these threats, we are also monitoring the situation closely.”

This situation is considered a precedent of its kind for the company, but it seems that people have transient problems with Facebook itself, they did it, especially since it ended without any evidence.

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