Facebook uses robots to fight the news counterfeit

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Go the social network the biggest in the world of Facebook to the use of machine learning techniques and technical tools to help the auditors the facts of the humans who are reviewing news articles fake, in an ad they began to use automated systems to select news articles of counterfeit duplicate which has been reported in advance by the external auditors, where this step comes as part of the company’s efforts to combat the spread of misinformation on the platform.

The company also operates, as part of the announcement of new efforts to expand its program which enables its partners, who audit the facts the possibility of indexing and identifying clips of video and audio that contain the wrong information, where the use of the social network from a range of investigators to third parties in 14 countries to review content that is reported that he is a liar, narrowing down on the photos and videos that are being manipulated.

Once that happens the checker link, image or video on it is false, reducing Facebook’s access to users via a succession of news feed, and Tessa Leon Tessa Lyons, Director of product at Facebook, via a press conference held in the Belgian capital of Brussels: “we know that it is not unreasonable to say auditors are the facts, review all the content on a large scale, and this is why the need to use technology to learn how to measure impact”.

The announcement comes after months of pressure by legislators in the United States and Europe about the privacy policies of the company, and whether the government representatives to use the social network to influence the presidential elections in the United States of America, and the effect also on the British vote for the exit of Britain from the European Union.

Said Leon in an article accompanying the announcement: ” more than a million pieces of content are posted on Facebook daily, often is a copy of this story wrong through different news across multiple links in an attempt to achieve financial gain”.

And take further steps to address the owner of the page outside the United States targeting Americans with false information, where it says the new automated system of access automatically to those pages that are run by people who are targeting others in other places of the world using a trick in order to make money.

This approach is intended to direct such actors as “Macedonians” famous people currently who will manage the pages about American politics that consumed American news false during and after the US presidential election for 2016.

She cited Tessa Leon checker and the facts in France, which has defined the experience they see the claim of the scientific void, and the Facebook platform that their programs were able to use the analysis of that news for the discovery and assessment of the more than 20 free on the web and 1400 link to see for yourself false information, as it is the deployment of machine learning technology to get to the page that needs to publish news tricky of financially motivated, which is prepared usually by companies or political parties or other organizations.

It invited the European Commission, which is the executive body of the Union, in the month of April, web platforms and social media to do more, such as the elections of the European Union to reduce misinformation, and officials warned the European Union that they may impose their regulations in case of failure of the product in it.

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