Facebook training, and development of criteria to determine the eligibility of the user to broadcast directly on the product

فيسبوك تدرس وضع معايير لتحديد أهلية المستخدم للقيام ببث مباشر على المنصة

Receive social platform Facebook as a great daily criticism, whether of individuals or governments more click here civil and human rights, regarding the mechanism of its cooperation with the violations and letters of hatred, discrimination and racism and use it as a tool to spread violence and promotion of terrorism, where increased those criticisms after accident New Zealand, the terrorist who killed 50 Muslims from different nationalities and live on the platform for 17 minutes.

In this context, in an attempt of Facebook to contain this crisis, said director of operations of the company they were working on the study of the new plan would develop specific standards regulating the operations of broadcasting direct to the home, in other words that the company will study the eligibility of the user if it’s worthy of by doing a live safe and will not know any content contrary to its policy.

In can be said that it is still under study and will require more time and that the process of determining the eligibility of the account holder to do the broadcast will be based on past events related to the history of violations whether the content, written or visual, and maybe ban the live broadcast it will take a form similar to the mechanism followed in banning the offending accounts control of the house in time gradually.

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