Facebook to pay users to install the VPN application collects their personal data


Early last year, revealed a report by website TechCrunch that Facebook was trying to promoting the development of VPN, which is in fact to track and collect information about users. Removed the app later from the iTunes store the App Store. However, revealed a new report from the website TechCrunch that Facebook is trying again, this time through the defence for users to install application VPN new supports Facebook Research.

Unlike the app Onavo Protect, which has been removed in the last year, this time based Facebook support users in order to install it. It is estimated that the company paid to users who are between the ages of 13 and 35 years up to 20 USD per month, including a referral fee to install the app on their phones. As is the case with the previous app, this app does also collect data about users but it is more pronounced on it. In fact, there are cases where the app users to send photos record Amazon applications of their own.

To be fair, in this case, the Facebook support to users for their data, which means that users need to be approved. Although these users are not familiar with the amount of data and type of data that is being collected about them, but it looks like this app has the ability to collect some sensitive information.

Speaking to the website TechCrunch, stated security expert in the company Guardian Mobile Firewall, Mr. Will Strafach by saying : ” if Facebook were to achieve the maximum benefit from the powers granted to it by the user, you’ll be have the ability to continue to collect the following types of data : private messages, in-app social networking, and conversations in chat apps – including photos and videos sent to others, and E-letters, record search on the web, and even geographic location information to the user in case if the user uses an application tracking the geographic location “.

Since then, the Facebook she had to remove the app from the iTunes store, the App Store, but it’ll still be available on the Android platform. The company also sent a statement to The Verge saying : ” is to ignore the basic facts about the Facebook Research. Despite initial reports, there was nothing secret about this, it has been called literally the name of the Facebook Research. Did not apply for the purposes of trade, because all the persons who accepted to participate through the process of clear and requested permission from them and pay them to participate. Finally, it was less than 5 percent of the people who chose to participate in the application of Facebook Research of adolescents. All participated with parental consent “.

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