Facebook to bring video ads self-Operating to Facebook Messenger


The ads in the application Facebook Messenger is not New, has Facebook download Facebook Messenger to another source of income for the company since a long time, and now continue to strengthen it in a way that may not correspond with the wishes of some users. In fact, it is now reported that Facebook began displaying video ads self-operating within the Facebook Messenger, which means that the user will see video ads now next to his own.

Facebook has started initially to sell ads in the Facebook Messenger almost two years ago, they were selling ads fixed only in the beginning did not say whether it would also display video ads. However, the report from the site Recode says it’s started doing it now, will start some users to view video ads Autonomous in their Inbox next to messages from their contacts on Facebook.

You may not want some users to see video ads next to their own, and Stefanos Loukakos, which runs ads team in Facebook Messenger this is it. Choose Facebook basically this new form of advertising in the beginning and will monitor the behavior of users to see if video ads are self-operating in the Facebook Messenger will lead to alienated users.

If it turns out that this is the case, it may reflect Facebook’s decision, and if not, we should all start the countdown to prepare for the day to become the video advertising self-operating is ads basic platform Facebook Messenger.


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