Facebook thinks she collect your private data to other users also

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Given the number of people using Facebook and exchange information in their profile pages, we assume that it is no surprise to say Facebook advertisers and extract the information from their own studies and targeted advertising, etc. However, it seems that Facebook is still gathering data about you, even if you are not a Facebook user.

Has been disclosed about it during the certification mark zuckerberg in front of the energy and commerce Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, where he confessed the CEO of the company that Facebook collect your private data to other users as well. When asked if Facebook gathers data about the people who don’t use social network, replied Mr. Mark Zuckerberg said : ” in general, we collect data on persons who did not participate in Facebook for security purposes “.

Then said Ben Lujan : ” I said that everybody’s talking in their statements, but you collect data on people who aren’t even users of facebook and agree to agreement privacy. “ Reply Mark Zuckerberg reformulation of his previous comments where he said that Facebook do so ” to prevent people from withdrawing general information “.

This confession is a bit worrying when you think that this makes the movement #DeleteFacebook useless, because even if you don’t have Facebook or you delete it, it appears that Facebook has your data anyway.


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