Facebook the implementation of the claims that fake accounts represent half of its users

Facebook company

Are fake accounts on the social networks like Facebook and Twitter instead of something very common, whether used in the marketing of unwanted content or monument etc. But we imagine that most of these platforms may not impact on such things, or it is already? That’s what the critic Aaron Greenspan in the report where he said that half of the monthly active users in Facebook are users are fake.

According to the report, he says : ” the fact of the matter is that Facebook does not now possess and will not have a accurate way to measure the problem of fake accounts. Taking all these factors into account, we believe that 50 percent or more of monthly active users on Facebook are actually fake. “

It is worth mentioning that there is a connection nervous between Aaron Greenspan and Facebook in the past about the term ” Face Book “. It was said that he was solving the problem of brand this in 2009, but it seems that Aaron Greenspan is still not a big fan of Facebook. For its part, denied Facebook’s allegations of Aaron Greenspan in a statement issued by the company says : ” this is so wrong, and the responsibility of reporting means reporting the facts, even if it was with the accounts of counterfeit “.

As we said earlier, is expected to encounter the fake accounts in most social networks and other services available via the internet, but it remains to be seen whether the fake accounts represent 50 percent of the total active accounts on Facebook or not.


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