Facebook testing a button to the refusal to vote a ” Downvote ” for comments


In the first years of the network Facebook, users can interact with the publications by ” admiring ” it, but this is the only thing that can be done. We’ve heard that Facebook was testing a button ” I don’t like | Dislike“, but in the end decided to facebook come with the feature of the Feedback | Reactions ” that allow users to parents from a variety of emoticons that Express different feelings to respond to posts and comments.

But according to a new report recently released from the newspaper The Daily Post, it seems that Facebook now choose the button ” Downvote “. However, should not be confused between this new Button and a button ” dislike“, because according to the follow in the name of Facebook, has stated by saying : ” We don’t choose the button dislike. We use the feature for users to prevent our notes on comments on the publications page. This is being done with the limited category of users in the United States of America only “.


As you can see in the picture above, the button shows a ” refusal to vote | Downvite ” only for applications where users can refusal to vote, which is supposed to be similar to how features work, the other suspension of the site. Assuming that this button works the same way, the comments are rejected by the majority ” Downvote ” does not appear in the advanced levels too in the comments, or even can be hidden.

This could be a way for users to deal with the ridicule or disparaging comments, where users can use the button ” rejection vote ” in the comments to prevent them from appearing. Now it remains to be seen whether this feature will eventually come to all users or not.



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