Facebook talk Tik Tok and invade the market of video entertainment application of the Lasso

فيسبوك تتحدى Tik Tok وتقتحم سوق الفيديوهات الترفيهية بتطبيق Lasso

The company launched a Facebook application of its own Videos, entertainment Lasso enthusiastic young Chinese Tik Tok and its application is widespread, where will the new app to provide the experience of users of home industry videos, short leisure and share with friends product similar to the development of Tik Tok, in the step of Facebook to maintain its competitor in the market of social networks in the shadow of the decline of the proportion of users of the network of adolescents.

And Facebook that launched the Lasso re-kickstart the young SIM teens that have lost nearly 20% between 2014 where the number of users of this category 71% up to 2018, which diminished where the ratio of the pioneers of adolescents to 50%, which in time brought the Tik Tok passion as wide and great of users around the world to become a pioneering application in the field of video sharing grafted music.

The app is available today on iOS andAndroid where you will be able to users to record the video footage for themselves and they various activities like dancing synced with music in the background and share them with friends just as it is used in the application of the Chinese, as well as the ability of the user to record short videos similar to the hosting service provided by the application of the Vines.

The user can register in app new Facebook crossed factors account way to profit with Facebook account or through Instagram, which gives access to the application user profile and what’s on from the media, to then become the contradiction between how great the videos are supported with automation as soon as the traffic on them, will my on the characteristics of the ad hoc to participate and Privacy, which are available by the other social.

Did not know the police service a formal statement and announcement by Product Manager at the company’s Bowen B directly in charge of the Lasso via a tweet on his personal account Twitter provides the launch team for investigation.

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