Facebook take its battle against the news of counterfeit and false to more countries around the world


I’ve worked Facebook hard throughout the year and a half past to combat the problem of the spread of false news and fake on its platform. She’s trying to misleading information through the use of further revision of the human mechanism. The largest social network in the world to remove the fake accounts have also collaborated with auditors as part of this endeavour. I confessed to the police that these efforts will never end and it still has a lot of what we have to do, and declared Facebook today expand to see against the news counterfeit to the 14 new state.

The Facebook expand its control of the news that is posted on the social network to new countries along with a mechanism to check the photos and videos. The company will be held of the impact of the transformation of the news using new techniques such as identifying duplicates.

Facebook has launched a program to check the validity of the news in the spring of last year, and now the company has decided to expand this program to 14 new state. Plans to expand this program to include more countries by the end of this year. She works with independent auditors and vendors reside the accuracy of the news posted on Facebook so that you can social network to reduce the distribution of news that has been classified as false by 80% on average.

It also expands the scope of the selected verification mechanism of photos and videos to the four countries as well. Testing aims to get rid of the photos and videos that have been manipulated or have been reformatted from their original context. Relies Facebook also on the machine learning technology to duplicate copies of false news and fake.


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