Facebook supports the feature stories additions new to rival snapchat


Launched Facebook new additions two with a story of its own, namely “Boomerang” video, drawing and three-dimensional, which can be used in all of the video clips and photos.

In an attempt to promote the advantages of the story, to become on par with snapchat, brought the Facebook effect video “Boomerang” from the famous Instagram, which allows you to capture images in a row to turn into a short video, usually videos Boomerang is very entertaining.

New addition to the other called Facebook “drawing three-dimensional”, which relies on augmented reality, because you can draw random things on the screen during or before recording a video, the actor in it is that you will see your drawings three-dimensional as if it were real, which is achieved using a voice recognition software that “captures” and fits your sketches with the surroundings.

Everything you draw also remains constant and does not disappear even if you move the camera away, however, a technique of painting three-dimensional relatively new, it does not show appropriately in the a lot of times, especially when lighting conditions are bad.

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