Facebook supports the feature of Undo Send in their application Messenger

فيسبوك تدعم خاصية التراجع عن الإرسال في تطبيقها ماسنجر

According to TechCrunch interested in news, technical, work Facebook now to ask the important feature of the waiting users application Messenger on both Android and iOS, a feature Undo Send “Unsend Message”, where currently this feature is available in certain countries, and soon we’ll see it available to everyone.

Of course this feature is useful in case of sending a message to someone through the application of Messenger by mistake, in terms of accessibility, execution is easier as you can, where you simply long press on the message you want to delete them, it gives you two options instead of one, the first Undo Send and the second message is deleted, the latter being the deletion of one party, the first message will be removed from both parties.

فيسبوك تدعم خاصية التراجع عن الإرسال في تطبيقها ماسنجر

Without also will leave a distinctive mark to the recipient that he is omitted something, as for the time limit to transmitters, Fisher Report that to the sender 10 minutes from the moment of transmission until it is able to delete his message, finally, and as noted earlier, this feature is currently available in specific countries, and very soon we’ll see it for all users, whether on Android or iOS.

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