Facebook supports Messenger with a direct reply on the message given during the chat

فيسبوك تدعم ماسنجر بميزة الرد المباشر على رسالة بعينها أثناء الدردشة

Started to Facebook today, sending new update for the application conversation Messenger Cross support with a direct reply to a certain message within a series of messages exchanged between the parties to the conversation, are quite similar for the response the individual is expected to apply its widespread WhatsApp.

Where the user can make use of the property as soon as you press on the message you want to reply to the same mechanism one push used to download add the emoji icon ” anime”, when the menu is opened be the answer icon New available; clicking on it is a quote text message attached with the reply in the chat box as seen in the photo above.

Although the export of this property line was available the fact that Facebook is the the owner also for the development of WhatsApp has provided its users a while ago; however, this did not detract from its relevance being to facilitate the process of communication between the parties to the conversation and make their stand on the problems of misunderstanding, in the case of momentum exchange of letters or delayed responses to some of the friends on a specific topic during a group conversation.

Perhaps the plan of Facebook to merge apps service chat Our was behind the mainstreaming of some of the features that singled in one of its applications without the others; which refers, of course, that Facebook may have started already the implementation of the plan is gradual.

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