Facebook store millions of passwords Instagram in a way that is safe

The company stressed that Facebook would accident The Associated security password last month has had an impact on millions of users of the platform Instagram, not tens of thousands as initially thought.

Came certainly through blog updated and published by the company social networking giant for the first time on March 21, which referred to store the passwords of hundreds of millions of users of the application Facebook Lite, tens of millions of Facebook users others, tens of thousands of users of Instagram in a way that is safe.

The company said: “We discovered additional records passwords, Instagram has been stored coordinates searchable in an internal database, we now appreciate that this problem has affected millions of users of Instagram, and we will alert these users like we did with the others, we will ask them to change their passwords”.

“The investigation showed that the stored passwords are not misused internally, or accessed improperly”, but the company didn’t mention yet how you came to this conclusion, as they did not clarify the number of millions who have been affected.

The company Facebook has adopted over the past month that they found during the security audit is a routine that some user passwords may have been stored unintentionally format readable, within data-storage systems, its own internal years ago.

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The company said then: if the password is not encrypted, its population of about 600 million, had been stored in the records can be accessed by about 2000 engineers and developers, without the occurrence of a leak of this data outside the company.

She explained Lisa Bourjois Liz Bourgeois, a spokeswoman for Facebook, this issue has been reported previously in large-scale, but you want the police to be clear, and tell users that they learned to store more passwords this way.

She added that the company does not have at the present time the precise number to watch it, the crane to determine when I discovered Facebook this additional information.

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