Facebook stop service to send money between users on the messenger in Europe

فيسبوك توقف خدمة إرسال الأموال بين المستخدمين على ماسنجر في أوروبا

Announced Facebook today stopped the service to send money between users and others on the application of Messenger in Europe, where he will stop all of France, the United Kingdom and they are the two states that operate in the service there, will start the implementation of the resolution on 15 June to give users some time to complete their operations.

It seems that the payment service through Messenger on its way shut-off fully in the coming period in order company to develop the payment systems and digital encrypted technology block Qi, so that the service will continue to currently in the United States only maybe it is because work permits payments with some companies.

Since the launch of Facebook’s payment service such in Europe it is not up to desired level because of limited transfers internally without having any chance to send between states.

But even though I turned off the service to send money between users on the messenger, they will be able to pay for campaigns, charity and fundraising.

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