Facebook stop push in the application of Facebook Messenger in some countries


Facebook has decided to stop the payment option in the application Facebook Messenger users in some regions, including the United Kingdom and France. This information comes from the website Engadget, which got them from the Facebook company itself. The company says it will focus its efforts on the experiences that people find more useful and is to inform the users who use this rule changes.

Some reports say that Facebook plans to launch a digital currency pegged to the US dollar. While the development of this digital currency for WhatsApp, they have solved in the end replace the property payment direct that were stopped just.

Been submitted to the payment service initially in the European countries in the month of November of the year 2017, was supposed to be used so that friends split bills for dinner and other small payments. This service was intended to be a substitute for payment services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay in a total of three markets that have emerged. Now only the United States, and may not be so for a long time.


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