Facebook starts in the design of electronic chips own

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فيسبوك يبدأ في تصميم الرقائق الإلكترونية الخاصة به

Company seeks Facebook to rely on itself through the design and manufacture of electronic chips to form its organs and its servers, as revealed by the reports of the latter, thereby joining Apple, Google, Amazon and other giants in the field of technology.

Where the company is currently building a team of its own to be a specialist in the development and manufacture of electronic chips and processors to implement this trend in the technology world, as companies seek to provide their needs and reduce their dependence on companies manufacturing electronic chips such as Intel and Qualcomm, as is evident from the quality of jobs required in the lists of employment that have been posted on Facebook.

According to the list of posts on the Facebook police are looking for the city for the design slices “SoC – System on Chip” system on a chip, which compete with CPUs now are used heavily in smart phones, as well as circuit design FPGA an integrated circuit programmable, the design of the Chipset ASIC which electronic chips are built to fit a specific purpose, which indicates that Facebook is not seeking to compete but want to produce chips and electronic systems specific for the specific purpose did not reveal until now.

It is noteworthy that in 2010 the company started Apple shipping easy Your and use now across many of its product lines of the major, developed Google company slices her Intelligence artificial also.

Can use Facebook like this chip to run its organs such as: artificial intelligence software and servers in their own data centers.

Also used Facebook to launch a system of virtual reality. Oculus Go , which will build the drivers for the audio out directly to be used without the need of a headset and processor Qualcomm will be the price by $ 200, works Facebook also a large number of smart speakers is expected to improve the future generations of these devices with electronic chips private company to become have a closer control on the development of products will be able to adjust the software and hardware better.

The company declined to comment on the job ads that have been posted to the site, while the Yan be one of the researchers in the Department of artificial intelligence within the company tweeted about some of the jobs required and requested interested design-chip artificial intelligence.

The list of posts also to the company’s need for possess the expertise to build custom solutions targeting multiple sectors including machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Mark Zuckerberg said that previously: “the artificial intelligence will play a greater role in the reported content is inappropriate across Facebook more than it does currently”, does that’s why seeking Facebook to develop the chips of artificial intelligence to avoid the crises that may come?


Facebook starts in the design of electronic chips own

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