Facebook start to integrate all of the apps WhatsApp and BBM and also insert

The company started Facebook in work on the integration of the apps WhatsApp and BBM and also Inter with the aim to develop integrated encryption includes correspondence in applications of the three to end the merger at the end of 2019 or early 2020.

Facebook -integrating Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram

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Controlled company Facebook on months messaging apps and social media WhatsApp Razer burst to the side of the Insert, and with a lot of the criticism that face the company as a result of the standards of protection, which is controversial and which led to the publication of many data users, the company began to work on the integration of three applications to develop integrated encryption includes social media services.

It is planned to use three services at work also independently, to allow company users to the messaging across the three experience a series, which certainly requires a lot of work from the staff of the company Facebook, according to a report recently came out in the New York Times.

The company Facebook is currently in the WhatsApp integrated encryption for all conversations in the application, it is possible to also available to users when they upgrade application Messenger, only that Mark Zuckerberg stressed that the new integration between the three apps will feature users messaging fast and reliable.


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