Facebook spend $ 8 million on personal security for Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

 Mark Zuckerberg

Revealed official documents submitted by the Facebook for the compensation paid by the company to its Executive Director Mark Zuckerberg as well as his annual salary. We know very well that Zuckerberg paid One dollar per year as salary, but the compensation was about $ 9 billion from last year include only the costs of the use of his private jet and personal security.

Jumped these costs and damages by 50% in just two years, altogether spent Facebook about $ 20 million over the past two years just on the journey of Mark Zuckerberg plane protection.

Represents the compensation to the personal security accounted for 83% of the total compensation of $ 9 million dollars, and spending that amount on the purchase and installation of security equipment and surveillance at the place of residence of the person.

And Facebook that the result for the post of its executive director and Chairman of the Board and founder of the whole company met in one person, this leads to increase the risk to the surrounding threats and what is available to raise the expenses of protection and security.

As for his travels by private jet and is within the compensation of the company cover fuel costs and team work within the aircraft and airport charges, etc.

It is common that major companies offer compensation similar to its managers executives and important figures such as Sheryl Sandberg Director of operations of Facebook that I got a payout of $ 2.7 million, such as the spent Apple TV 317 thousand dollars for the protection and boss Tim Cook last year.


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