Facebook shut down the war room ” the War Room ” designed to deal with false news


Received network Facebook a lot of criticism due to the spread of misleading information and news counterfeits on its platform during the upcoming U.S. presidential elections in 2016. It has taken many steps since then to ensure nothing happens like this again. The company said the establishment of ” war room | War Room ” prior to the midterms America to prevent the spread the news fake, but claims a new report to the network Facebook has shut it down now.

According to the report issued by the site Bloomberg that Facebook has shut down the war room ” the War Room ” and it won’t be opened again in a future election. When viewing the Facebook War Room to the media, gained a lot of attention, some have speculated that it is not only a propaganda by the company.

Facebook has said at that time that the war room will bring people from all company departments in one room to improve the mechanism to detect threats and prevent them before the midterms America. Reportedly, they have been using war room in the presidential election in Brazil last month.

Although it was now closing the war room ” the War Room“, he has told Facebook author that it will use a different strategy during a future election, and it has formed ” team a strategic response ” under the leadership of vice president of operations of the company, Mr. Justin Osofsky to deal with threats to sensitive at the right time.

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