Facebook shipped thousands of control arm is actually the default with the letters “a hidden and strange”

Shipping company, Facebook accidentally “tens of thousands” of control devices in the system of virtual reality VR affiliate with hidden messages to the bizarre, including “Big Brother is watching” and “the masons were here.”

Said Nate Mitchell, one of the founders of the company “focus” Oculus owned by Facebook, in a tweet on social networking site Twitter on Friday that the company was printed inadvertently some unusual messages within the “cling” Touch, which is the control rods that protect the hand and allow users to control the games and within the virtual world.

Added Mitchell that these messages were dedicated to only prototyping, but it included an error in the organs of normal production. Wrote the executive director of development: “unfortunately, some of the stickers “Easter eggs “of the ad hoc prototyping has found its way by mistake to the internal organs of tens of thousands of control devices Touch”.

Mitchell said: “although I appreciate the Easter eggs, but they were not suitable and must be removed. Not related to the safety function of the device is compromised, we have what it takes to fix it so it doesn’t happen again.”

It is noted that the error comes at the time you focus to launch two new products, a system of “focus Costa in r” Oculus Quest VR independent, and “Oculus Rift s” Oculus Rift S that are connected to computer priced at $ 399. Although the glasses are different in terms of specifications, they are used to control arm itself.

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