Facebook reveals feature dozing keywords

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Reviewed the social network the biggest in the world Facebook’s new feature Snooze Keyword allows users to hide and postpone the presentation of some key words, so that it won’t show posts containing those words in a news feed or groups for a period of 30 days, and you can, When you don’t want to see posts about an event or display case, or don’t want to see publications and posts containing the key words for a period of time, to postpone those posts that contain keywords relevant to the topic.

Being tested this feature through a small percentage of users, so that help to facilitate the process of browsing the social network for people who are trying to avoid something, come to snooze for the keyword after the product launch in the month of December last snooze for the people, pages and groups.

Although the way you use water at the current time, inconsistent totally with the main goal, but the company is aware of that and is looking to add the option to snooze protective over the next few weeks within the mixer settings of the news feed, as you’re thinking in create a list of NAP repeatedly until the user can re-activate it easily.

The issue of water use is fairly easy, as you should first find a publication that contains that keyword, and then you can click on the drop-down arrow for participation, which reveals the option to “snooze for keywords within this joint”, where clicking on this option to show the list of words contained within the joint, with the omission of the words common core.

In the case of the use of this feature in the watch in which he said the person “has won Tunisia to England the World Cup”, the water works to determine the words “World Cup” and”England” and”Tunisia”, so you can select any word you want to regain, which makes all the posts that include that Word disappear for a month, with reference to the water works at the moment with texts only and does not include photographs, nor does it Suggest synonyms language for which you want to make them disappear.

Says a spokesperson for Facebook said that the water was a stable demand emerge within the meetings and transactions between the company and users, where they are applicable to any professional key, but unable to block ads, as in the case of the user using the snooze with the word “Deadpool”, it will not see posts from friends about the movie, but he will continue to see ads to buy a ticket.

This is done depending on the fact that the ads belong to a separate group and the algorithm to separate, as that product does not want to open the door for users to turn off ads that are a source of income fundamental for him, the spokesman also said that the snooze is not currently used within other content or for the purpose of targeting ads.

She said shruti roller Shruthi Muraleedharan, Director, product unlike a news feed within Facebook: “although we are working on the Display more posts suited within the succession of news feed, we may not be able to achieve it properly always, and that is why we have designed features like the see first See First and hide Hide and cancel the follow Unfollow dozing Snooze weight keyword Keyword Snooze, and hope through the provision of additional options help you customize the experience of the succession of news feed, and be able to spend more time focusing on the things that matter to you”.

It should be noted that the user is able to cancel the right keyword, just by doing that, and you have to wait for 30 days so he can check again for the posts that contain this keyword, a company spokesman said that Facebook is working on Options times right different, as well as a button to turn off this feature at any time.

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