Facebook reveal a system of virtual reality Oculus Quest

فيسبوك تكشف عن نظارة الواقع الافتراضي Oculus Quest

As a virtual reality separate away from wiring and confusion in the computer revealed the Facebook Developers Conference yesterday about the Oculus Quest which are displayed in the direction of the change of virtual reality technology for games creating add-ons and new developments.

And system characteristics of the new car in detail and its interior, the first car looks much similarities between them and the Oculus Rift and the non-observant, they are used to arms control, such as a Rift, but the truth is there’s 4 sensors on the cleanliness of Quest provides six degrees of freedom, which allows to track the head position instead of the rotor only, which enables the user the freedom not only to consider about it from the same place.

Offer Quest of this property without the need sensor other wide of the room, where you need other glasses to provide such sensors to assess the property of the degrees of freedom of six, stated director of the virtual reality in Facebook Hugo Barra on that Quest uses algorithms and processes computerized to track the repositioning of the user in accordance with the real time without the need for any of the sensors external.

Will available glasses Oculus new next spring as announced on Facebook, in addition to their price will be higher than the system of the Oculus Go $ 199$ close to the Rift priced at$ 399, and Facebook via this technique to separate themselves in the Quest without relying on the computers and wiring, to expand the patch device users fact of the presumption and ambition of its executive director, a billion users in the next period.

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