Facebook reminds users that there are other companies harvest their data also

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At the present time are subject to facebook control great after the scandal of data privacy. It seems that the whole focus of the post towards Facebook at the moment, but the company want to signal to the users and remind them that Facebook is not alone who collects the data users, and there are quite a few technical companies that do this also.

In an article published on his blog, explaining Product Manager at Facebook Inc., Mr. David PC-based what data is collected by Facebook about its users, and when to collect, in any purpose such data is used. Then he added : ” many companies offer these types of services, as you get information like Facebook from the apps and sites you use. Containing all of the Twitter and the Pinterest and the LinkedIn buttons to Like and Share similar to help people share things with their services. Owns the Google Analytics service is well known. Each of Amazon, Google and Twitter login features “.

We assume that this comparison is carried out by the Facebook fair, they are not the only one that collects information about users, there are a lot of other services on the internet that says the same thing. Mr. Davic-based also to that few of these companies also offer services targeted ads like Google, it is stated by saying : ” these companies and other companies also provide advertising services. In fact, send most of the Web sites and applications the same information to several companies all at once married her. “

As a result, it is not surprising to find that there are some companies that work to prevent track users and collect data about them, such as Apple and Mozilla and Opera that has included features in the browsers own for tracking users on the internet, this is what leads to the frustration of advertisers significantly.


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