Facebook publishes the community standards and based on the actions



In spite of the diversion of previously published Facebook what you hear with the standards of society and the rules that govern everything on Facebook in terms of content, accounts and others that specify what they are allowed to remain and which prevent the existence of his Facebook and it should be removed.

Over 8500 words separated Facebook extensively and agreed procedures to deal with the content and accounts whether to remove it or hide it or let it out, as well as for the first time enabled users to rely on the actions of Facebook.

Through 27 pages available in Arabic – if interface site you have in Arabic – drink facebook the procedures for dealing with each case through the categorized whether they are related to criminal behavior or violation of the intellectual property rights of or even disseminate pornography, etc.

Of course, some errors occur in the procedures of Facebook, so allow users to apply for the review of such actions such as deletion of content or accounts accidentally will Facebook review account within 24 hours of examine.

By the end of the year, will Facebook also relying on the failure of Facebook in any conduct, when reporting on something on the social network.


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