Facebook prohibits nationalism, white separatism following the attack, the New Zealand terrorist

فيسبوك تحظر القومية البيضاء والنزعات الانفصالية على إثر هجوم نيوزيلندا الإرهابي

Announced Facebook on Wednesday its work on the Prohibition of the supporters of the activities of the nationalism and white separatism based on racial superiority of the product, read product after about two weeks the attack of a New Zealand terrorist, who killed more than fifty Muslim which aired in which the council directly on the product.

Explained Facebook in her blog that the Prohibition of force white and separatism includes all of the supports or endorses or seeks to represent these destinations on the area that will not allow the presence of a speech of hatred and racism on the board, support the work of the prohibitions come into force beginning next week in order to maintain a social environment free from societies hatred of the organization.

She noted the organization in its code it works for a while, to eliminate the ways, tools, nutritious hate both of those early religious or ethnic grounds, and came justified in not applying it on the strength of white separatism since the beginning; that she was organizing these concepts in the broader perspective includes the habits and beliefs of the core mission class by the American the various spectra of the ethnic as is the case with the claims of Basque separatist.

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