Facebook prohibits ads digital currencies due to the risk of fraud

Facebook announced its ban on all advertising related to the digital currency, so you won’t see a special declaration in the currency bitcoin or free or any other virtual currency in a social network in the future. And to take this step to protect the base of Facebook users of scams that try to exploit people that have it, digital currency is currently due to a large rise in the value of many currencies, so for fraudulent purposes. In the framework of the campaign for youth from misleading and false news will Facebook ban ads that promote products and services related to digital which are often linked to the practice of promotion is misleading, it is an area fraught with potential risks in terms of tricks or hacking. Recall that, in spite of the people that know their market digital currency at the moment, however, occasionally occur shock in this market following the theft of, or permit one state officials on the prevention of the circulation, as a warning many of the competent authorities of the risks of trading digital currency on theft, fraud, coupled with the sharp fluctuations of prices and speculation that threatens financial and economic stability of individuals and states. See also:

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