Facebook postpones for the second time the launch of the feature “Clear browsing history”

The official said on condition of Facebook the company will feature the “Clear browsing history” later this year, delaying a launch for the second time after that was scheduled for last year, and then in the spring of 2019, which will hurt Facebook itself in terms of its ability to target users with ads.

Was Facebook had said in December last that the privacy tool that had been promised, which would allow users to clear the browsing history of their own on the social network, is still under development and is not expected to launch until 2019, and then said the CFO of Facebook, David Wynes, late last February, the water will launch in the spring of 2019.

Revealed Facebook CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg, in the month of May 2018 that the company is working on building a feature called “Scan registry” and allows users to see the apps and websites that interact with it, and wipe that information from their accounts.

Wednesday, said Deputy Head of Department Integrity of Facebook, Jay Rosen, the feature “scan registry”, which would make it difficult for Facebook to use data collected by third parties to display targeted ads to users, you will once again defer to the fall of 2019.

And the reason for the delay, he reiterated Rosen’s explanation of the former David Baser, Director of Product Management at Facebook, team leader privacy and data usage, which said late last year: “we want to build something really useful to everyone on Facebook”. He added: “We would prefer to take the time to make it as it should instead of learning”.

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Said Rosen: “we’re working on re-engineering our systems, how we process this data so that we can do properly. That is why it takes longer than expected”.

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