Facebook plans to connect the WhatsApp Instagram user

According to a new report from the New York Times of America, seeking the company of Facebook to develop a plan to create new complementarities applications instant messaging affiliate, including the application of WhatsApp, applying Instagram application Messenger.

More specifically, the company seeks to profit between talks apps instant messaging, so that you will be making technical changes behind the scenes to allow applications to work more smoothly with each other, so that you can send a message via WhatsApp to the other party via Instagram and vice versa.

This step requires the participation of thousands of employees of the company to re-configure how the apps WhatsApp and Instagram user at the simplest level their core, while Will these apps work as independent, but will be consolidated infrastructure own correspondence.

And according to the report, citing sources in the company, this development is still in the early stages of the work, is expected to end process of development by the end of the year or at the beginning of next year, that take work and time to test and make sure they work properly, so you may unlock all users in the middle of next year.

This brings many benefits, so there are many people don’t use all of instant messaging applications because it causes distracting, so if you just use Instagram you will be able to receive messages source WhatsApp or Messenger which messages will be encrypted end-to-end.

However, this project does not come with a lot of interest and technical updates, but also stores the Privacy key. Suspected users of WhatsApp in the app using phone number only, but if you use Facebook Messenger, dress prompted to provide your full name and e-mail address and much more, as the application does not WhatsApp store user data, but the Messenger Instagram are doing so.

There are a lot of barriers which clearly need to be addressed such as the problem of privacy and security of users ‘ data especially with the problems Facebook recent, so it would be interesting to know how you would Police this issue.

Source: The New York Times

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