Facebook plan to include the microphones of the phone to facilitate feedback on the ads

Denied Facebook repeatedly rely on microphones smart phones for targeted ads earlier, but that doesn’t mean that the company don’t plan on rely on in the future, where the company registered according to the Metro’s patented controversial will run the smart phone microphones to record the Feedback on the ads that appear on the screen.

According to the website Mashable also that movie can you embed audio signals high pitched in the advertising content can be decoded by smart phones, which pushes them to record the sound of the ocean and send it back to facebook.

It is not unusual to have people worry about this patent, however, says Facebook is that it does not intend to implement all the technology described in the patent in a statement that the patent had been submitted “to prevent the illegal use by other companies”.

The site confirmed that the technology in this patent are not included in any of the products Facebook earlier, and it never will be. If true, this news in this way trying to facebook simply to protect us from other companies, however it is not difficult to know why some people have had trouble believing it.

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