Facebook pay money to users for collecting their data

Reports that Facebook Inc. have a program to collect data some users they pay during the past years, where the company pays people between the ages of 13 to 25 is 20$ a month for installing the application on their phone allows for collection of data about them.

The report pointed out that the application carries the name “Facebook Research” and VPN service is available on iOS and Android, so watching the activities of users on the phones and sends them to Facebook. The company confirmed the existence of this research programme in the permit لـTechCrunch.

The data proved very important for Facebook, especially in the identification of competitors rising, and then possess them or sense their. So when you are watching the activities of users on their phones, you know exactly the most used applications and therefore focus on them.

Ask Facebook Research of users to approve certain permissions, which gives Facebook access to private messages of users and e-mail messages and records the search Activities Act, it also asks users to take a picture of the company to the requests of Amazon and send all this information to Facebook.

However, it is expected that the app is available on iPhone, or will Apple ban it. Where users are required to have access to certain permissions, such as traffic, which represents a violation of the policy of Apple.

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