Facebook paid $ 100 million in the financial agreement, an Italian

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فيسبوك تدفع 100 مليون دولار في اتفاق مالي إيطالي

Company agreed Facebook to pay more than 100 million euros ($114 million) to end the dispute about the falsification of financial, as reported to the tax authorities of the Italian, and Italy has signed similar agreements with Amazon, Apple and Google, where they joined their neighbors from European Union countries who are seeking to get a larger tax from the multinational companies that were previously able to use loopholes that allow them to transfer their profits to countries with tax regimes most favorable.

According to the tax authority Italian in a statement, the objective of this agreement regarding the termination of a dispute about the tax investigations conducted by the financial police, the Italian Guardia di Finanza the Guardia di Finanza at the request of the public prosecutor in Milan for the period between 2010 and 2016, the commission added that Facebook will pay Italy to more than € 100 million.

A spokesman for Facebook: “we are working in accordance with the local laws in Italy and in all countries in which we operate we will continue to cooperate with all Italian authorities, and we are proud of our commitment to Italy, to stimulate the growth of local businesses and the digital ecosystem as a whole”.

The e-commerce company Amazon has agreed to a similar deal worth 100 million euros in the month of last December, while the company agreed to Google in May of last year on payment of 306 million euros to end the dispute is mainly about their profits for the years between 2009 and 2013 held in Ireland.

Owns Ireland one of the lowest rates of corporate tax in the European Union, and Apple had agreed in December 2015 to pay more than 300 million euros to its earnings in Italy dating back to 2008.

And digital companies like Facebook, Google, Apple high sales and profits, but hardly pay any taxes, the EU is discussing the introduction of so-called Tax Digital, a proposal of the European Commission, which aims to impose taxes on global technology companies.

France encouraged the EU to accelerate the taxation of the digital, while imposing a number of EU countries, including Ireland, depending on to reach the headquarters of the European many of the large technology companies in Ireland, while the fears of the German government that the tax exacerbated the commercial exchange with the United States.

According to the minister of Finance of the German Federal Olaf Scholz Olaf Scholz to discuss this issue at the level of the organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD to which it belongs also the United States, the United Kingdom announced that its consent to taxation of Digital until after its exit from the European Union, said British finance minister Philip Hammond Philip Hammond should impose a tax on sales made on British soil.

Coincide this news with the announcement of Facebook’s intention to appeal against the fine of up to 565 thousand euro imposed on them by the Office of the Information Commissioner of the British because of the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica, the company said there was no evidence to impose this punishment, but the commissioner of the British found that Facebook has teamed up with the users personal information in a way that is fair by allowing application developers access to it without clear approval.

Anna said between Anna Benckert, Chancellor of the general assistance of Facebook in Europe, said: “We’ve had big changes to our platform at that time, restricted our access application developers to information, we are investigating in all the legacy applications that had access to large amounts of information before we change the policies of the organization in 2014, and affected users of the product in the United Kingdom”.

She said, “grew up to achieve the Office of the Information Commissioner of the British based on concerns that the data of citizens of the United Kingdom may be affected because of the Cambridge Analytica, however they have confirmed now they didn’t find any evidence to suggest that the information Facebook users in the UK have been shared by Dr cougar with Cambridge Analytica or used by its affiliates in the referendum, Brexit, therefore, the essence of the argument of the Office of the Information Commissioner, the British no longer regarding events involving Cambridge Analytica”.

The gate Arab News Technical Facebook paid $ 100 million in the financial agreement, an Italian

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