Facebook officially renounce a project to distribute the Internet using drones.


We’ve known for a relatively long period that the company Facebook is working on bringing the Internet to many remote places around the world, and she was looking forward to achieve this through the use of drones. This endeavor is similar to what done by other companies such as Google in the past, but in the case of Facebook it seems that their efforts to bring the Internet to the different parts of the world via drones has ended.

In an announcement on its official website, the company decided to discontinue the design and manufacture of unmanned aircraft, it will also close a facility in the city of Bridgewater the British. Tell Facebook that it decided to do so because of the fact that other companies were designing more of the special high altitude, which means to compete with them may not necessarily be the best idea for a company to spend their resources on them.

According to facebook, it has stated by saying : ” from now on, we will continue to work with partners such as Airbus connection on the HAPS in general, and other technologies necessary to make this system work, such as computers for flight control and batteries high intensity. At the policy level, we’ll work on a proposal to get more radio frequencies for the high rise in the Conference of the 2019 World Radio Conference, and we will actively participate in a number of advisory boards and committees of decision-making in the United States and at the international level “.

I don’t mean this in any case to facebook, will cancel its plans to deliver the Internet to all over the world, but this means she won’t say anymore, making the unmanned aircraft that would do so.


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