Facebook officially announced the launch Tab News new

Announced Facebook today Friday officially announced the launch of Tab News new who will expect experience in a number of social network users to communicate in the United States, comes in the endeavor of the company to improve its image after a lot of criticism on the lack of ability to control the false news.

Said the giant social networking of America, in a publication on her blog: “lead the press play a critical role in our democracy. News dealing with deep, and comes from a known source, connect people information that they can rely on. And when you don’t have it, we lose the performance of the material in the manufacture of our decisions right”.

The Facebook they will start the release tab (News, Facebook) Facebook News, ad hoc news, on Facebook to a group of users in the United States.

The company – which owns the largest social trading network in the world: to tab the news gives people more control over the news they see, the ability to explore a wider range of interests and news, as well as within the Facebook app directly. Web tab Local News Daily most relevant. The company confirmed that the news will continue to appear within the page (latest news).

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Said Facebook: the tab News has important advantages that will help to add value, including: news of the day chosen by a team of journalists, and news of a personal nature, which appear based on other news that is read by the user, posted, and followed. The second feature, they are sections and themes that allow a user to sweating in news, business, entertainment, health, science, and technology, and sports.

In the fourth feature, there is a subscription of the user, a section of users who subscribed to the services of the newsletter is driven by the Facebook account of their own. Finally, the verification feature that enables users to hide articles, subjects, and publishers who don’t want to see her.

It is indicated that the popularity of Facebook’s enormous base of users which exceeded 2.4 million energetic users per month making it a source of news for many users, which took advantage of his contacts to spread false news, like what happened such as the U.S. presidential elections in 2016. Then you know the social network was criticized forcing it to modify the algorithm of Page (Latest News) to focus on the publications of family and friends.

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