Facebook officially announced the addition of a new tab for games in the phone application

Announced a Facebook today officially added a new tab in the main menu bar of the games, where he is scheduled to appear the TAB ” Gaming ” in the Facebook app on smart phones.


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Paired with the development stages of a lot of games in the recent period the Facebook app on smart phones, where participate more than 700 million users network Facebook social games, as a kind of translation on a social network, so add the company Facebook officially phone application a new tab in the navigation bar called”Gaming “.

Comes tab new games as part of the re-design of the Facebook app on smart phones, where the user claims in short quick custom games or groups of games from friends or groups your games favorite to the user, support the user experience smooth and quick for trading in games.

Also the user can through the tab games access to your favorite games, or groups of games to side feature to watch video clips of the famous games on the social network, also allows user to invite friends to participate in games, or try new games with friends, with the ability to start conversations with friends through this tab.

Also confirmed that company Facebook on that tab games will not only display your videos games Facebook Phone only, but will also details about the gaming industry in general, with the feature follow-up to the live broadcast of the players, or publishers of the games.


I know of

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